Juddmonte Farms

EU Policies & Forms

Please note that with regards to all mares visiting the Juddmonte stallions in Europe this season, we will strictly adhere to the TBA and NSFA proposal below:

“Mares will only be accepted for covering following receipt of evidence confirming a full EI vaccination history and confirmation that the mare has received a booster EI vaccination within the six months prior to first covering.”

We strongly advise breeders to submit all relevant paperwork to the stud office (studoffice@juddmonte.co.uk) well in advance of covering.

The Banstead Manor Stud stallions shall have negative CEM swabs, EVA and EIA bloods, in accordance with the current BHLB Code of Practice and Newmarket Stud Farmers Association breeding regulations and guidelines. Laboratory certificates confirming the stallion's disease free status in the current breeding season are available upon request.

2019 NSFA Breeding Regulations

2019 NSFA Freedom From Infection Certificate

2019 Details Of Mare Form